Emotion Revolution – Educator

We are thrilled to announce the Emotion Revolution for Educators, a joint initiative between the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence and New Teacher Center to build awareness around the critical role of emotions in teaching, learning, and educator wellness and effectiveness.


In schools, educators are the single most important factor for students’ success. Yet little is known about the emotions educators experience each day. We want to provide educators with the knowledge, skills, and opportunities to enhance their wellness and effectiveness.But before we begin, we need to listen.We have created an anonymous, online survey that asks educators to take 10 minutes to share how they currently feel in school, how they want to feel, and what they need to bridge the gap between the two.

We want to hear from as many educators as possible; the stronger the research, the more effective the tools we can create for educators will be.

The survey was approved by Yale’s ethics committee and will available between April 1 through May 31, 2017.

Stay tuned for more information as we launch the Emotion Revolution for Educators. Together, we can advance our understanding about what educators today need and how we can help them reach their maximal potential. Later in 2017, we will unveil the findings and share ideas for creating improved learning environments.


District and School Leaders: Preview the “Emotion Revolution for Educators” Survey Click here for PDF download.

Download the “Well-Being and Social-Emotional Learning Resources” after completing the survey (you’ll need your participation code to download) Click here for PDF download.