At the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, we conduct rigorous research and teach people of all ages–from preschoolers to CEOs–the skills they need to build healthy relationships, make sound decisions, and perform at their best. We are always looking for talented people to join our team. The overarching aims of the Center’s research program are to: (1) promote optimal learning, working, and living environments for children and adults using skill-based social and emotional learning (SEL) tools and programs; and (2) evaluate the effectiveness of these tools and programs and the mechanisms by which they have their impact. Much of the scholarship on emotional intelligence was first developed at the Center, as was RULER, our approach to curricula and training programs that integrate SEL into school organizations. RULER is designed to improve educational environments as well as to enhance the content of learning. These efforts are achieved by working with the broader community of SEL practitioners, researchers, and advocates including the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL), as well as with a rapidly growing network of participating educators, administrators, students, and parents. Each year, we have many volunteer and employment opportunities available. Due to the many requests for positions that we receive, we are not able to respond to all inquiries.

Current Open Positions

Postgraduate Research Associates – Institute of Education Sciences Grant

Post Doctoral Research Associate

Post Doctoral Research Associate – RULER in Chinese Preschools

Early Childhood IES Research Assistants

Undergraduate Student Research Opportunities for the Following Projects: 

  • The Social and Emotional Developmental Benchmarks Project

This project aims to establish empirically-supported developmental benchmarks and tools for assessing children’s social-emotional skills from pre-K through 12th grade. In support of this aim, we are developing a valid, reliable, and practical set of performance-based assessments of children’s social and emotional skills for use in pre-K through 12th-grade. Seeking undergraduate research assistants starting Fall 2019. 

  • The School Climate Assessment Project

This project is developing a novel, interactive, valid, reliable, and practical app that measures school climate through the student lens and promotes student voice. Seeking undergraduate research assistants starting Spring 2019. 

  • Promoting School Readiness Through Emotional Intelligence Project

This project aims to test the efficacy of RULER, an approach to social and emotional learning, in 72 early childhood programs (preschools) across Connecticut. Undergraduate research assistants will primarily focus on data collection beginning Summer 2019. Experience working with children and/or in school settings is prefered, but not required. 

  • RULER High School in Mexico Project 

This project is tracking the RULER Implementation of 37 high schools across the country of Mexico, all part of the PrepaTec School System. Data was collected at 5 time points over 2016-2018 from over 15,000 students and 2,000 educators measuring school climate, how people feel at school, engagement, burnout, and satisfaction. Seeking undergraduate research assistants starting Spring 2019. 

  • Creativity Team

We are looking for students to help us run a study on development of   creativity in children. Our research asks how messages about the nature of creativity affect children’s self-concept (Can I be creative?) and their performance on creativity tasks. We are looking for students to assist with data collection. Students will learn about study design, study running/data collection, and analysis. Student assistants will be included as co-authors as we present the research at a national conference. Please contact for more information. 

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