Students & Families

After all staff and faculty within a school have been introduced to the RULER skills and Anchor tools, students and their families are introduced to RULER principles and Anchor tools, including skill-building activities for school and home.

Student Implementation

RULER curricular content follows the Understanding by Design Framework and aligns with social and emotional learning standards and state academic standards for each developmental level. 

  • Early childhood and elementary school content consists of Anchor tool and Feeling Words units that embed into pedagogy and academic curricula. 
  • Middle and high school content consists of courses focused on the social and emotional aspects of adolescence.

Family Engagement

Content for families includes parent leader workshops and student-led family activity scripts designed to be easily accessible, using everyday language, and disseminated via the school principal, teachers, the students themselves, the RULER Implementation Team, and parent leaders.

The RULER Implementation Team at each school works with RULER coaches to decide how best to roll out the program to faculty, staff, students, and families. 



“I notice that my students are nicer to one another. They can compromise without me. I feel that my classroom environment changed as soon as they learned the following words: empathy, altruistic, resilient, and remorse.”

—Elementary School Teacher

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