RULER Phase 3

Lasting Results

RULER is a Self-Perpetuating Program
By the end of Phase 2, your school has its own RULER Trainers ready to teach staff all they need to learn about the Anchors and the Feeling Words Curriculum.

RULER Becomes an Enduring Part of Your School’s Culture
By including faculty, administrators, clinical staff, students, and families in the program, RULER becomes a normal part of everyday life at your school, not an add-on that is likely to fade away with time.

RULER Provides Ongoing Support Through Its Dynamic Online Platform
RULER coaches offer feedback tailored to your school’s needs on a continuing basis.

RULER Trainers can continue getting advice and feedback from coaches even after Phase 2.

RULER’s online community offers continual support as more and more participants share their challenges and triumphs, post new materials they have developed, and keep up-to-date on program enhancements through videos, research papers, webinars, and podcasts.


“I notice that my students are nicer to one another. They can compromise without me. I feel that my classroom environment changed as soon as they learned the following words: empathy, altruistic, resilient, and remorse.”

—Elementary School Teacher