RULER Phase 2

The Feeling Words Curriculum

Phase 2 of RULER begins with a two-day training on the Feeling Words Curriculum at Yale University

At the training, RULER school-based trainers study and practice the skills they need to teach the Feeling Words Curriculum to others at their school.

The training includes:

  • Curricula differentiated by grade level — K­2, 3­5, and 6­8 — that is aligned with the Common Core standards.
  • Hands-­on activities
  • Skill­building exercises
  • Resources to use in training others, including presentation slides, a RULER Trainer book, lesson plans, and access to the RULER online community

RULER school-based trainers Roll Out the Program in a Variety of Ways

RULER school-based trainers work with our RULER implementation coaches to decide how best to roll out the program to faculty, staff, students and families. While there are standards and well defined stages, there is also a great deal of flexibility in how roll-out happens at each school..



“I felt my knowledge was tremendously deepened, and the opportunity to reflect deeply on issues in my own work and especially in my relationships with those I supervise was invaluable. I was also SURPRISED because as a seasoned veteran, I didn't expect to find so much refreshing and new in a PD series.”

—Head of School