RULER Phase 1

The Anchors of Emotional Intelligence (AEII)

Our institute consists of 2 days of professional development at Yale University. Our train-the-trainer model provides participants with the information and resources to facilitate trainings at their own schools.

A minimum of three participants per school participates in the blended training and Yale onsite institutes. They learn about the foundations of emotional intelligence, what the RULER approach is, and how to make RULER part of their school. Participants learn how the four RULER Anchor tools help to create a supportive and caring school climate while also teaching emotional intelligence skills to students and adults. After the Anchor Tools become part of the everyday routine of the school, participants return to Yale to learn about RULER’s Feeling Words Curriculum which ties directly to standard literacy and social studies curricula, to strengthen academic instruction while also expanding students’ vocabulary and skills at understanding and managing their feelings.

The RULER Anchors tools include:

In sum, the training includes:

  • 2-day train-the-trainer professional development opportunity at Yale (lunch included)
  • Personal and professional development in emotional intelligence
  • Hands­-on activities
  • Skill­building exercises
  • Comprehensive curricular resources for rolling-out RULER
  • 2-hour online course, Foundations of Emotional Intelligence, for all school staff

Access to the RULER online community with a myriad of resources to support RULER implementation (lessons, letters for families, implementation guides, etc.)

RULER school-based trainers roll out the program in a variety of ways

RULER school-based trainers work with RULER implementation coaches to decide how best to roll out the RULER approach to their faculty, staff, students, and families at their respective schools. While there are standards and well­ defined stages, there is also a great deal of variability and flexibility in how districts and schools use RULER to create emotionally intelligent schools.



“I absolutely see it just as much a personal training as a professional training. As a school leader I think so many of the RULER tools are strategies that are going to help me think about my own strengths and how to capitalize on those strengths and help me name the areas that are harder for me.”

—Elementary School Principal