Lasting Results

RULER is a Self-Perpetuating Program
With the help of RULER coaches, sample timelines, and implementation self-assessments and checklists, RULER principles and tools are embedded into school and district policies and practices, including mission statements, curricula, staff/faculty professional development, school improvement plans, discipline policies, and behavioral support plans.

RULER Becomes an Enduring Part of Your School’s Culture
By including all staff, faculty, administrators, students, and families, RULER becomes a normal part of everyday life at your school, not an add-on that is likely to fade away with time.

RULER Provides Ongoing Support 
RULER coaches offer feedback tailored to your school’s needs.

All faculty and staff from each RULER-trained school will have access to online resources including videos, staff courses, activity guides, sample student lessons, and other resources to support the seamless integration of RULER into staff development, classroom instruction, and family engagement.

What People Say About RULER 

A fourth-grade student says: “RULER can help you understand yourself better. If you have a lot of feelings on your chest, you can write them down during (program lessons) and revive yourself.”

A superintendent says: “To see students using words and communicating effectively in adversarial situations where they once used physical aggression and verbal abuse confirms that RULER has had a profound effect on children’s ability to self-regulate.”

A sixth-grade teacher says: “I constantly refer to the Mood Meter in class. I think it helps to humanize me for the students, and helps them to engage in healthy discussion and reflection about their feelings.”

A fifth-grade student says: “It’s a way for children to express their feelings without fear of being laughed at…you notice that other people have the same feelings as you…you see what other people have in common with you.”




“The workshop confirmed my belief that emotional intelligence is just as important to academic and lifelong success as IQ.”

—School Leader, High School