Marvin Maurer Spotlight

Marvin MaurerOver thirty years ago, a teacher named Marvin Maurer, struggled with teaching a “boring, lifeless” middle school Social Studies curriculum in New York. Mr. Maurer realized that in order to energize his students to learn, he needed to connect their feelings to the people and events encountered in academic lessons. He developed a wildly successful method of teaching Social Studies using feeling words. He quickly realized that this “Feeling Words Curriculum” not only helped students to learn better, but also helped them to understand their own and others’ feelings more effectively.

Decades later, in collaboration with Dr. Marc Brackett, Mr. Maurer’s original approach to teaching feeling words acts as a key component of all of the student approaches encompassed by RULER. What was once a curriculum implemented in one classroom in upstate New York is now integrated into tens of thousands of classrooms throughout the United States and abroad.

The Marvin Maurer Spotlight recognizes an educator who embodies Mr. Maurer’s belief in the importance of connecting personal experiences to academic material and exhibits outstanding teaching practices of emotional intelligence.