Prestigious Academic Appointments for Yale Center Research Staff

The Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence is saying goodbye to three researchers who are moving on to exciting research appointments. As the Center continues to gain prominence in the field of social and emotional learning, several individuals who have helped make the Center what it is today will venture out to pursue new opportunities.


christinacrowe thumbChristina Crowe, a postdoctoral research associate, will begin at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth as an assistant professor of applied developmental and educational psychology. She will build her research lab and teach undergraduate- and graduate-level courses on developmental psychology, educational psychology, and statistics. Christina will continue to collaborate in emotional intelligence research projects examining student and teacher outcomes.



catalina thumbCatalina Torrente, a postdoctoral research associate, will join a multidisciplinary team at Mathematica Policy Research in Oakland, California, a research organization that conducted the country’s first social policy experiment, the New Jersey Negative Income Tax Experiment. There, she will study literacy interventions in Latin America at Mathematica’s Center for International Policy Research and Evaluation (CIPRE). Catalina will work both domestically and internationally to improve children’s learning opportunities.



sherri thumbSherri Widen, an associate research scientist, is headed to the Center for Education Policy Analysis at Stanford University. She will serve as a social science researcher on the Ready4K! project, which uses texting to help parents improve their preschoolers’ early literacy, math, and social-emotional skills. Her focus will be on creating the Social-Emotional program and she will design studies to investigate the effect of the texts on children’s outcomes and their transition into kindergarten.