Julia Moeller, Ph.D.

Julia Moeller, Ph.D.

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Julia Moeller is a postdoctoral associate in the Emotion Revolution research project at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. Julia’s research interests bridge topics of the psychology of motivation, development, and personality. She wrote her Ph.D. thesis about passion, and studied situational aspects of emotions, engagement and task values during her first year as a postdoc.

Generally, Julia is interested in trait and state determinants of the motivation to approach, engage and persist in learning activities. Julia’s recent focus lies on state and trait aspects of academic emotions. This has led her to study the ‘dark side’ of high motivation (motivation blended with exhaustion, stress, anxiety), and the ‘bright side’ of negative emotions (e.g. anxiety, stress, and frustration blended with positive, beneficial experiences). Julia is particularly interested in the beneficial and potentially harmful aspects of motivation and emotions in learning settings, their situational, personal, and contextual determinants, and the possibilities to identify and support students’ emotional and motivational needs.

To examine situational variability and heterogeneity in sample populations, Julia uses intensive longitudinal data (e.g. Experience Sampling Method) and person-oriented approaches. She has recently published two articles about potential problems of using z-scores in the analyses of profiles and longitudinal studies.

Julia received her master’s degree (diploma) in Psychology from the Free University of Berlin, Germany, and her doctoral degree from the University of Erfurt, Germany. During her first year as a post-doc she worked with Katariina Salmela-Aro and Jari Lavonen at the University of Helsinki, Finland and received mentoring in the international post-doctoral Program “Pathways to Adulthood” by the Jacobs Foundation.