The Age of Emotional Intelligence

Marc Brackett, director of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, shares his expertise with at the inaugural Atlantic Education Summit

Preschool RULER: The Mood Meter in Early Childhood Classrooms

Preschool RULER was developed at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence as a way to teach emotional intelligence to our youngest learners. This video provides a glance at how one of the RULER tools – the Mood Meter – is integrated in early childhood classrooms.

Using Robotics to Support Social-Emotional Learning in the Classroom

Researchers from Yale's Center for Emotional Intelligence and the Social Robotics Lab explore ways to use robotics in the classroom to supplement the teaching of social and emotional skills.

New York City Lab School students revisit their Charter

High School students discuss their school Charter and how the Charter has helped their overall school climate.

The Yale Center For Emotional Intelligence

The Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence uses the power of emotions to create a more effective and compassionate society. The Center conducts research and teaches people of all ages how to develop their emotional intelligence.

Emotions Matter: Developing Emotionally Intelligent Schools...

In partnership with The Governor's Prevention Partnership, Marc Brackett, Ph.D., engaged educators and administrators in a discussion on the importance of emotional intelligence in bullying prevention based on RULER, the approach that helps district and school leaders, educators, students and their families develop emotional skills so they can foster healthy relationships, make sound decisions, improve overall mental health and achieve desired academic outcomes.

Mood Meter Overview

When students experience a range of emotions, how does it impact how students think and what they do? Watch this animation to explore how emotions impact thoughts and behaviors in the classroom.

Commonly Mixed Up Words

Can you think of words that you often confuse, or words that you think means one thing but actually means something else? This video shows how some emotions words are similar however their causal themes make them distinct.

Bridgeport Public Schools 2014 Convocation

In front of an estimated 2,000 staff and community members, Bridgeport's interim schools chief, Fran Rabinowitz, opened the 2014-15 school year by setting a kinder, gentler tone for the district. With the help of keynote speaker Marc Brackett, director of Yale University's Center for Emotional Intelligence,

Bullying: New Lessons From Teenagers

Marc Brackett and Robin Stern present research on how teenagers navigate online bullying situations at Facebook’s 4th Compassion Research Day

Emotional Intelligence: From Theory to Everyday Practice

In this presentation from the 2013 Yale Presidential Inauguration Symposia, Marc Brackett will describe the theory of emotional intelligence developed at Yale under President Salovey's direction and share his decades of research on the relationship between emotional intelligence and important life outcomes.

The Benefits of Emotional Intelligence

Oceanside School staff talk about the benefits and impact emotional intelligence has had on their schools.

Childcare Learning Centers Preschool RULER

Childcare Learning Centers, a network of schools in Stamford, CT produced this piece to highlight their Preschool RULER experience at Palmer's Hill

Classroom Charters at Prospect Sierra School

Teachers and students in one fourth grade class at Prospect Sierra School discuss how they came up with a Charter that will establish positive emotions and behaviors in the classroom.

Human Emotion 12.2: Emotion and Cognition II (Emotional Intelligence)

This course is part of a broader educational mission to share the study of human emotion beyond the boundaries of the classroom in order to reach students and teachers alike, both locally and globally, through the use of technology.

Meta-Moments: An Overview

Teachers and students talk about the benefits of taking Meta-Moments

Creativity, Emotional Intelligence and the Arts

A conversation about emotional intelligence, creativity, and the arts with Peter Salovey, President-elect, Yale University; Marc Brackett, Director, Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence; Ínigo Sáenz de Miera Cárdenas, Director, Fundación Botín.

Feeling Bullied, grade 2

The academic link is used to describe the Feeling Word "bullied" in 2nd grade

Public Shame, Private Pain: Kids' Stories of Cyberbullying and what to do about it

High School students from Amistad Academy in New Haven, CT talk about cyberbullying and what to do about it

Emotional Intelligence: Yale's Christmas Gift to the North Pole

Educators from the Sam Pudlat Elementary school in Cape Dorset, Canada (North Pole) talk about how their Anchors of Emotional Intelligence Institute experience will impact their school upon their return.

Marvin Maurer Winner 2011 Robin Tarrash on Emotional Intelligence

Robin Tarrash, Marvin Maurer 2011 winner, describes why Emotional Intelligence is important to her and the impact made in her classroom.

WTNH: Lady Gaga Teams up with Marc Brackett in Anti-Bullying Effort

Marc Brackett talks about his involvement with Lady Gaga's Born This Way Foundation.

The Benefits of Emotional Intelligence

Students share their favorite feeling words and how those words help them in the classroom and in their lives.

Why You Like the Mood Meter

Second graders express why they like the Mood Meter

An Outcome of the Blueprint

John Harrison, a teacher from the Catholic Schools of Brooklyn and Queens reflects on a bullying incident that took place in his 8th grade class and attributes the
reconciliation between the students to The Blueprint.

PBS Special: This Emotional Life

PBS clip focusing on bullying and the impact of RULER at Blessed Sacrament School from the Catholic Schools of Brooklyn and Queens.

TEDxGoldenGateED - Marc Brackett

Marc Brackett presents Emotional Intelligence for TEDx

Facebook Compassion Day 3: Emotionally Intelligent Bullying Prevention

Marc Brackett and Robin Stern present at Facebook Headquarters in January 2013 about "Emotionally Intelligent Cyberbullying"

Facebook Compassion Day 2: Emotional Intelligence for healthy safe lives

Marc Brackett and Robin Stern talk about ways that we can give children the skills needed to live healthy safe lives

Anchors: Mood Meter Check In 5th Grade

Lisa Jamieson, a 5th grade teacher from Our Lady of the Snows School in New York, teaches a Mood Meter lesson and also provides a great example of how to perform a Mood Meter check-in.

Anchors: Personal Blueprint 2nd Grade

Second grade students describe how they would feel when facing a personal conflict and plot themselves on the Mood Meter

Anchors: Mood Meter Check In 2nd Grade

Quick video about how 2nd graders check-in on the Mood Meter and share how and why they are feeling what they are feeling

Anchors: Mood Meter Curriculum Enhancement Boy in the Striped PJs

A 7th grade teacher uses the Mood Meter to plot how the characters in the book "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas" feel in the story and how the characters can strategize to cope more successfully

Feeling Enraged, grade 7

Students go through step 2 of the Feeling Words Curriculum to describe the feeling word engraged

Feeling Thoughtful, grade 3

Student connect the word "thoughtful" to real world experiences and in "The Giving Tree Story"

Feeling Enraged, grade 7

Students link the book, "The Outsiders" and how the characters in the story experience the feeling word enraged

Feeling Isolated, grade 2

Students connect the word "isolated" to a storybook character and to a teacher's personal situation.

Feelings Are Complicated

A song by elementary school students that validates various different feelings