Dena Simmons Named Pahara NextGen Leader

Dena Simmons Named Pahara NextGen Leader

Dena Simmons, Ed.D., the Director of School Initiatives at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence has been selected as one of twenty-five Fall 2015 Pahara NextGen Fellows to help advance the mission of the Pahara Institute’s NextGen Network. The Pahara Institute is a national nonprofit organization focused on supporting sustainability, diversity, and quality leadership in the educational excellence and equity movement.

As a Pahara NextGen leader, Dena will be part of a 12-month leadership development program that will support a diverse group of exceptional emerging senior leaders as they bridge traditional divides, engage more diverse perspectives, and facilitate communication. Participants learn from, support, and challenge each other as they enhance their own leadership skills and continue to strive toward providing high quality education opportunities for every child in our nation.

Dena was selected as a Pahara NextGen Fellow for her work as an educator, teacher educator, and director of school initiatives at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence and for her dedication to amplifying the voices of underrepresented communities that are currently not well served by our public schools.

“I am so honored to be a part of the Pahara NextGen Network. Too often, too many organizations and professionals in the education movement work in a silo, compete for the same funding, replicate efforts unnecessarily, and burn out because of a lack of sustainability and collective work. The Pahara NextGen Network will help organize a convening of minds and efforts so that our education movement is stronger and longer-lasting.”

The movement for excellence and equity in our nation’s education system is at a critical juncture. As this work evolves, it is important to cultivate and support leaders who bring diverse voices and perspectives to the movement. By identifying individuals like Dena Simmons, and providing them with high-level leadership development and networking opportunities, this program encourages and supports education leaders to collaborate toward creating a more just education system.